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A Three Level Treatment Program that actually works. The Treatment Group (TTG) is founded by addicts for addicts. We offer individual treatment plans catering to every phase of addiction recovery. Depending upon the number of levels that a client chooses to participate in, the program can last anywhere from thirty to ninety days or more. There are other drug rehabs that have longer programs, but our founders know that this three tiered system is the best method for helping people recover from their addictions. Our clients learn to and deal with life on “life’s” terms without taking a drink or a drug.  

We have found that our individualized treatment programs offer clients their best chances of recovering from drug addiction and alcoholism. Our clients having been immersed in therapy, the twelve step community and life skills sessions emerge refreshed and renewed. Clients develop the skills needed to deal with the “outside” world and all of the temptations, stress and triggers one will encounter once they have left the safety of the center. So many other treatment facilities rely on the client taking post-treatment recommendations to accomplish the step-down we provide in-house.      TTG’s competitive advantages lay in our lower price points, scalable / modular approach and full range of treatment services

Three Tier Levels

 Level I Treatment and Residences   The First Level of our Mississippi drug rehab program is intended for clients who are still working to overcome their alcohol or drug abuse after attending a primary facility. Usually 30 days is not enough to maintain a healthy recovery lifestyle. Similar to other 30 day programs, TTG immerses the clients into the recovery process. Most of the time Level I is for the addict or alcoholic who has been unable to stop using. Level I is also for the client who may have already been through the detoxification process. During this phase of recovery the client will receive:   Level I (for anyone struggling with their abstinence or just out of detox)    30-day program, can coordinate detox if needed  Comfortable residences  Group and individual therapy sessions  Life Skills Sessions  Health, fitness, and recreational activity  Community activities   Immersion into the 12 step community  Convenient transportation to and from all services.  

Level II Treatment and Residences   The Second Level of our Mississippi rehab program is designed for graduates of the first phase of treatment offered by The Treatment Group Treatment Center or who have been discharged from another inpatient substance abuse program. The clients who enroll in this phase of our substance abuse rehabilitation, usually are more in need of life skills sessions than they are of detox and overcoming a physical addiction. When you enroll in the second phase of our substance abuse rehab program, you will receive the following:   Level 2 (for those discharging from an Inpatient facility and/or those in need of Life Skills Therapy and Relapse Prevention Skills)    30-day transition program to find work, enroll in college or perform volunteer work  Comfortable residences  Continued group and individual therapy sessions  Life skills sessions  Health, fitness, and recreational activity  Community Activities   Immersion into the 12 step community  Convenient Transportation to and from all services.   

Level III Treatment and Residences   The Third Level of our Mississippi rehab program is designed to get clients back to work or get enrolled in school somewhere. Normally these are clients who have graduated from the first two phases of substance abuse treatment here at The Blue Springs Treatment Center. When applying for this phase, one of our qualified staff members will meet with the client to help them find a job or a school that will work best for them. They must have been clean and sober for at least sixty days to be accepted into this phase of the program (which is why it is a natural transition for graduates of the first two phases of our substance abuse treatment program).   Here is what you can expect when you are accepted into the third phase of our Mississippi drug and alcohol rehab program:   Level 3 (for those working and/or in school – min 60 days clean)    30-day or longer transition program to work, attend college or perform volunteer work  Comfortable all-inclusive Housing Accommodations  Implement individual aftercare treatment plan  Attend aftercare group and relapse prevention groups  Health, fitness, and recreational activity  Community Activities   Immersion into the 12 step community   The third Level of our Mississippi drug rehab program is designed to work around the job and school schedules of those enrolled in the program. This is why the program is a lot less strict than the other phases of our drug treatment program 

Outpatient Services

 Outpatient Services (OP) - TTG offers Aftercare, Relapse Prevention, Family Counseling and Individual Therapy to the community on an outpatient basis. Morning, afternoon and weekend sessions are available. Also, TTG usually hosts AA and NA meeting most nights of the week.   

  The Blue Springs Facility is a Christian secondary treatment facility for the Gulf Coast. Our mission is to provide an excellent environment in which people are able to set aside the hurried pace of everyday life in order to encounter God and get the much needed additional time in treatment. We strive to provide an excellent facility at which lives can be touched and changed by the power of our Lord Jesus Christ and professional addiction counseling. We appreciate the opportunity to serve by being a part of what God is doing in the lives of His people.

  • Located on 5 scenic acres close to the Gulf of Mexico
  • Large meeting room seating up to 75
  • Small meeting room seating up to 40
  • Cafeteria
  • Motel style rooms
  • Handicap accessible rooms
  • Accommodations for up to a maximum of 60 clients
  • Each room has two twin bunk bed sets and one queen bed
  • Counselors Suite has one twin bunk bed set and one queen bed, as well as a separate sitting area with kitchenette including refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker and dinette set


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